Jun 28, 2010


Makeover anyone? ;)

The CLINIQUE Star Tour 2010, in partnership with CLEO magazine (OMG!) is a unique makeover event that targets young, aspiring women aged 15 -25. Participants will be given a unique CLINIQUE experience that is fun, engaging and relevant! Best!

The Clinique Star Tour involves a mobile makeover truck with 8 make-over stations!!! *squeals* 

What's in for you?
Consultation by Clinique Experts
Makeup by Clinique Makeup Experts
Hair styled by Salon Espirit
Photoshoot (portrait) with a professional photographer (a copy will be printed for you)
Clinique Door Gift worth RM130
You get all this by buying an RM30 voucher.
Yes, seriously, only RM30. Super duper worth it!!! ;)

Besides a fun makeover, your best photo will be uploaded online to the Clinique Star Tour gallery. Once the tour is over, 25 finalists will be shortlisted for voting! The Top 3 girls will win RM5,000 worth of Clinique products AND be featured on the cover of CLEO magazine!

The Clinique Star Tour 2010 starts on the 3rd of July till the 2nd of August.
Here's the tour itinerary: (UPDATED!!!)
(Itinerary subject to changes so check HERE for the latest updates!)

What Time?
Shopping Malls:
11am to 7pm
Universities and Colleges:
10am to 5pm

This looks like it's gonna be a very very very fun event you won't want to miss out on. ;)

So, what's your STAR look? ;)

Hugs n Kisses,

The Clinique Star Tour 2010 is open to women aged 15 to 25 however, those who are under 18 will need a parent/guardian to sign a release form that allows the organizers to upload your photo online.

Do take some time to read the Rules & Regulations as well!

Many thanks to MyC! and FeeqSays Network! :D


  1. Wow!!! this is COOL.... If I'm still at the age of 25... I would like to participate. But unfortunately, I'm not :(

  2. Aww... :C sayang. but yeah, it's really cool. :)

  3. LOL! Yeah! I'll be at the MMU roadshow. Come come! :D

  4. should i take leave and go for the mmu one...>< yikes..:P

  5. YES! oops, I shouldn't be teaching you stuff liddat. :P hahaha. But it'll be a shame to miss it, since the door gift itself also worth RM80. And you get to doll up and take photo! :D

  6. lol how how .. i working! lol maybe i can go there see see kepo a bit

  7. hahaha. take half day off? :P lunch time come kepo and see la. :D

  8. maybe half day off...hmmz..will you be dolling up as well di?

  9. Hehehe. Yes I will! :D Lemme know if you're going yah! ;)

  10. I was at the event @ Sunway Pyramid! As a guy, it was not for me but hey, I got a skin consultation at their shop!

    Clinique does have product lines for guys :)

  11. Hello! :D Owh nice! Can't wait to experience it myself. hehe. And yeah, I know they have a line for guys. My cousin brother is using it. :D


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