Jun 8, 2010

Best of Both Worlds

No, I'm not talking about Hannah Montana...

It's something much much much (x10) better...

If you've been thinking about getting a digital camera, but can't decide between a DSLR or a compact camera...then leave all your worries behind and say "Hello!  " to Sony's newly launched (might I add, VERY sexy) line of Alpha NEX-3 and NEX-5 ultra compact cameras.

(Picture taken from ephotozine.com, edited by me.)

All the power and features of a DSLR kuih kapit-ed into a ultra compact camera size.

Hence, the best of both worlds. :D

It's so small that it makes my head look big in comparison. :C
(thankiu Dila for the photo! )

I only found out about this camera after I was invited by Advertlets (thankiu!) to attend the launch last Friday. And I was really curious to find out more about it since I knew of friends and relatives who are looking for a good camera that performs well and is convenient to carry around. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera that night since we were only allowed to bring Sony cameras (makes sense since it's their event) so all photos in this blog post were taken by the others. Be prepared to see a lot of "credits" at the bottom of each photo. :p

I felt so naked without my own camera k? T^T

I arrived at Lot 10 around 5pm and aimlessly walked around till 6pm before I went up to Teeq Brasserie where the event was held. 

With some of the other bloggers who arrived early. :)
(L-R: Azrin, me, FeeQ and Xiang)
Thank you Jonathan for the picture! :)

Teeq Brasserie is located on the rooftop of Lot 10. Very spacious and the view was gorgeous. Too bad it was a little too sunny that day. :C
(photo credit: Jason)

(Thank you for the photos FeeQ!)

Along the corridor next to Teeq was a gallery of photos taken with the NEX series of cameras.

They even had a special booth set up for guests to have their hands waxed as a souvenir. Too bad we didn't get to do any because you needed an invitation tag. :C

Guests could even print out photos on the spot! :D

Wai Yan was the cute girl I met that night who teman-ed me since she was camera-less too. :p
(Photo credit to Josh Lim, taken with the Sony Alpha 550.)

What do girls do when they don't have their own cameras around?
Grab someone else's and start cam-whoring. hahaha. (Thanks Feeq!) :p

The Advertlets table. :)

Everyone! :D

With Euveng, Feeq, Jeremy, Dila and Thong Kai
(photo credit: Jason)

Feeq, Justin, Dila, Vivian and Euveng-kepala-besar.

Thong Kai and Jeremy.
(photo credit: Jason)

Introducing the Sony NEX series of Ultra Compact Cameras.

The NEX-5 with external flash and the 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 lens.

So what's so special about the Sony Alpha NEX series?

The NEX-5 and NEX-3 cameras make DSLR-quality imaging accessible to everyone. These Ultra Compact cameras are super portable and comes with the convenience of interchangeable lenses. They also have smart features like AVCHD video and Sweep Panorama.

In contrast with conventional DSLR models, the NEX-5 is a mere 24.2mm thick (excluding grip and mount) whilst the NEX-3 is 25.4mm thick (excluding grip and mount). And to top it all off, the NEX-5 features a tough yet light-weight magnesium body, making it the world's smallest and lightest interchangeable lens digital camera.

The NEX-5 stripped...mmmmm....sexayyy. 

Quick overview of the features:

14.2 megapixels Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor
MPEG4 720p video shooting
Sweep Panorama
7.5cm/3" tilt-angle TruBlack LCD

14.2 megapixels Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor
AVCHD Full HD 1920x1080i video shooting
Sweep Panorama
7.5cm/3" tilt-angle TruBlack LCD
Magnesium body

The NEX series has a wide range of lenses to suit your needs. Ranging from the 16mm F2.8 pancake lens to the 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 telephoto lens.

By using the optional mount adapter you can even attach DSLR lenses to the NEX series of cameras.

In my opinion, one of THE BEST feature about the NEX-3...
is that besides the standard black and silver, it comes in RED and WHITE.


Sexy Hawt Red and Classy Stylish White! ♥ ♥ 

Okay okay, fine, fine...black is classic and silver is sleek too. But how often do you find semi-pro cameras in red and white? hehe. :)

Back to serious stuff...

The NEX has a 3" LCD that can kinda "pop out" and be tilted horizontally up-wards at 80° and 45° down-wards. Perfect for high-angle or low-angle shots. There's also a control dial/wheel on the back (similar to my Canon S90) to scroll through the user interface and to change shooting modes.

One thing I managed to test out during the launch was the Hand-held Twilight mode that rapidly shoots 6 continuous  images and then layers the best images together to create one image. Unfortunately I didn't have a Memorystick with me at the time so I can't show you the photo here. :C

I tested this feature outside, in the open-air area where it was dimly lit and I was pretty surprised that the photo turned out quite nice. I was expecting some motion blurring since there were people in the background but the photo came out sharp, clear and best of all it captured the ambiance of the scene. Definitely very helpful to those who love night photography and want to do away with the hassle of carrying a tripod around.

The NEX has a few other interesting features like the Sweep Panorama and shooting HDR images (autoHDR mode). I also read somewhere that there's going to be a firmware upgrade that would allow photographers to shoot 3D Panorama images. Amazing stuff! :D

All in all, the Sony NEX series of cameras look and seem to be pretty amazing cameras...can't tell for sure because I haven't tried using the camera in a field test/ in real life events. :p

The NEX-5 with 18-55mm kit lens retails for RM2699.
No announcements regarding retail price of the NEX-3 yet.

For more info/ in-depth reviews, check out some of these websites:

Meanwhile, I heard that chosen Advertlets bloggers are going to be given review units of the NEX-3 and NEX-5. So once they've tried, tested and reviewed the camera, I'll add their links here for reference. :)

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. Good post!

    Now u made me want one real bad.... =p

  2. haha. im still a "dude with the bigger gun pwns" kinda guy when it comes to cameras.
    mostly cause small cameras dont fit well in my hands.. and Full Frames havent trickled down to these puny cameras yet (and i doubt they will)...
    to each his(her) own i guess.

  3. So informative!
    Great write up as usual babe! And great seeing u again :)


  4. @Baldwin: Thanks! Glad you like the post. :D

    @Sable: Hey Kenny! Of course of course, these ultra compact cameras aren't meant to replace DSLRs. ;) I think they make great travel cameras especially for those who like to travel light but don't want to compromise the quality of the images...and would definitely appeal to girls because of the size and weight. XD I haven't seen much of your photography lately though. :C I miss your photography... :C

    @Rebecca: Thank you! Was nice to see you that night. Someone was looking sexy in that little bare-back top. *wink wink* ;)

  5. *save money* *save money*

    alto i dislike the first pic right at the top of your post :P

  6. @Jazlyn: hahahahahahahahaha. XD I dislike it too...was gonna photoshop an "X" across it but takut kena flame. :p

  7. omg heidi =.= u write until so good i paiseh publish my wan wei !! OMG !! NOOOOEEESSS lol... but im planning to buy 1 no matter wat adi.. now to pester advertlets gimme test do review then i buy muahahahha

    thinking of the red and white 1 !!!

  8. good write up heidi. Keep it up the good work! :)

  9. @botakai: LOL! mana ada?! Thanks anyway. haha. That means you wanna get the NEX-3? The NEX-5 is slightly smaller though and can shoot HD video. Just too bad don't have other colours. :C If you get the test unit and blog about it lemme know la k? I'll add your review link here. :)

    @Jason: Thank you! :D


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