Jun 27, 2010

B2ST @ KL-Live

Attended the B2ST Showcase at KL-Live.

Highlight of the evening?

37 girls fainted while waiting to enter.
  • Out of which there was one girl who, while being carried up to a cooler area, had time to fix her hair.
  • Another closed her eyes (fainted dy mah) then opened her eyes to pick up her bag.
Of course, there were fans who really fainted thanks to hours and hours of waiting in the hot weather. Poor girls. :C

The B2ST showcase in a nutshell?
  • Waiting time was so bad we watched Spongebob cartoons on a friend's mobile phone and had to entertain ourselves to kill time.
  • On the other hand, or more importantly, B2ST gave an outstanding performance. *two thumbs up*

The showcase:
The show was supposed to start at 7pm but throngs fans were already lining up since morning.

Initially everything was fine and all the fans were waiting anxiously to watch B2ST perform.During that time I was busy contacting people to give them their passes. And camwhoring with some of them. haha.

Cute sisters Ina and Suriana. :D

With Shar :)

Almost forgot to take photo with Em. haha. 

Eventually, the long wait in the sweltering heat started to agitate the fans.

Those with B2ST T-shirts were suppose to enter first, BUT they only allowed a few in at a time and some weren't even wearing the B2ST T-shirts (which of course led to the crowd screaming angrily "T-Shirts First!!!" I would scream too if I paid RM80 for the T-Shirt and couldn't go in yet.).

The crowd at one point started shouting "REFUND REFUND REFUND!!!", booing and middle finger waving.

Some security guy shouted at the crowd that those without the shirts enter later and if there aren't any places left they won't be let in. (more booing)

Some ppl got so pissed off they threw the passes and left the place. And some fans (those without the B2ST T-shirts) were talking amongst themselves about whether it was worth waiting to go in or not.

Some even went opposite to KFC for dinner first and then came back and STILL couldn't go in yet.

Stampede nearly broke out when the fans pushed their way through and I saw a girl fall down from being pushed. Luckily her friends were around to help her up.

My friends and I decided to wait at a spot away from the crowd and only went in after everyone had already gone in. By this time, they didn't even check if we had passes or not.

Us. :D

Ivy's friends. :D

One of the most interesting part of the evening was when we went inside (around 8.50pm), the fans were screaming and singing along to...music videos. Yeap. SCREAMING at the top of their lungs. haha. Beast has an amazing fan base in Malaysia. :D When we joined in the fun, they were screening the music videos of 4Minute's Hot Issue and Muzik.

The emcee kept telling the fans not to push so that the show can start ON TIME.

Rightttt. The supposedly 7pm show started at 9pm and lasted less than an hour.

In between every few songs they had a mini Q&A session.

B2ST were amazing lah. It's really different seeing them perform live compared to watching them on Music Bank (not that I could see much since I'm short and fans kept holding up giant cards which blocked my view. /sad). They are very charismatic, deliciously good looking and dance superbly well. 

They sang 7 songs (if I recall correctly) and did an encore medley of Bad Girl, Mystery and Shock.

Two very lucky Malaysian fans got to take photos with them and one girl was serenaded by them! They sang the song Oasis to her. Lucky lucky girl. :)

Quote of the night:
"It's everyday I SHOCK okay? not Syok! Syok is Malaysian, Shock is Korean" - Emcee
erm, isn't shock an english word? hahaha. XD

B2ST's Malaysian fans were also amazing, knowing every word to every song (seriously, not just the English parts but the Korean parts as well!). They were also screaming at the top of their lungs continuously, showing so much love and support for B2ST. :) Which I hope would encourage them to come back to Malaysia and perhaps have a full concert this time.

Owh and B2ST ended the show with a cute "Terima Kasih!"  

Thank you Advertlets for the free passes!

Now can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring in C.N.Blue, 2PM, MBLAQ, 2AM, KARA, SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls, 4Minute, BIG BANG, 2NE1, SS501 and SHINee??? PLEASE! :3

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. wow.. so that's what happened T__T i've read comments of disappointed fans but i never imagined some left. thanks for this.. good job ^^

  2. Hello! :D Yup, unfortunately it was bad management. :C Even I felt frustrated and kinda had no mood dy. Good thing the awesome performance made up for it. :)

  3. 37 girls fainted while waiting to enter....... char tou. duno wat to say... =_=

    btw, i din even know bout their existence :P

    *runs away from the crazy fans that mite stone me* >_<

  4. Yah wei! Giler drama!!! At one point the security grabbed a girl's butt while trying to carry her to safety. XD

    hahaha. You're not the only one lah. ;)

  5. Omo, yes! that girl immediately woke up from her 'fainting'. LOL.

    anyway, Joan here. just wanna say a big THANK YOU again for the tickets. :DD

  6. Hi Joan! hahaha. We were all joking about how we should try 'fainting' too just to get in early. Ish. Everyone has been lining up for so long and they "cut queue" that way. >_<

    No problemo babe! Hope you enjoyed the showcase! :D

  7. CN Blue yes! but ss501 doubt it lah~ mblaq and shinee too! but of course total priority is CN Blue, like come one! they so hot in korea now!!!! :D :D :D

  8. Hahaha. Why SS501 won't come? :C
    Nvm, priority would be CN Blue and Mblaq...mmm. <3 hehehehe.

  9. I'm Glad i ran across this website.Added idealistic-dreamer.blogspot.com to my bookmark!


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