May 10, 2010

Cameron Highlands

Went up to Cameron Highlands for a spontaneous one day trip with Shalom, Martin and Michele about 2 weeks ago. :D

Michele brought us to this place called Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe for some nomliciously cute dessert. 

Everything there was so cute! :3

Us...stuck in traffic around Brinchang area. hahaha.

Usual "must take" photo with the tea plantation. :D

Most fav photo of the day! :D :D :D
hahahaha. I love my besties. xD

Super crazy cute kid!!!! I heard it followed Martin around like Martin was his daddy. hehe.

This strawberry farm was pretty nice and far away from the town areas. But the guide kept forcing us to take weird poses with the strawberries. @_@ It was fun lah...till he asked me and Shalom to feed each other. Yer yer yer. :P

The good thing was, the guide was super friendly, helped us take tons of silly photos and brought us on a "tour" of the veggie farm as well. :)

Bed hair. xD

We climbed up this tower thingy after lunch. The steps were crazy steep!

The view from above. :) Shalom's bright blue car below. haha.

Can you feel the bromance? 

Us again. The weather was super nice and the wind was freezing cold.

Why harlo there Shah-lom Khan! xD
Macam Bollywood actor je!

Doing sampat things as usual. xD

After a while I gave up trying to fix and comb my hair. Twas wayyy too windy that day.

After dropping by the market to buy sweet corn, fried mushrooms (yum!), super sweet jambu x apple kinda fruit and some other stuff, we headed down to Ipoh to try the famous Ipoh Chicken Rice.

Honestly we couldn't really tell the difference between Ipoh's chicken rice and KL's chicken rice. -_-"

One day trip to Cameron Highlands: Fun fun fun.
Going up and down the winding road: Not so fun. Blergh. =_=

Hugs n Kisses,

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