May 15, 2010

23rd Birthday

Dunno how to blog about my birthday cos so many things happened... so I'm just gonna squeeze em all into one post. hehe. :D


Celebrated my birthday with my ex-MMU CF friends. It was a celebration for both me and Kenny Cornelius cos our birthdays are only a few days apart. :D A few years back we even had a bday party together. :)

Thank you John for the photos. :D

With bff and sleeping partner for 3 years. 

We've been close friends since we met during our foundation year. :)

With the birthday boi Kenny Corny. :D
John's camera has such nice effects. No need to go sticker photo booths dy. Syok!

With our pressies from John and Tha. :3

Our friends treated us to a very nice dinner at Marco's Pizza. Thank you~!
That's our pizza bday cake btw. hahaha. Lenard was pretty clever!

My best guy friends also took me out for an early birthday dinner! :)
I've known Martin and Shalom since we were in Sunday School and we all grew up together. :)

This fella I've known since we were 8! haha. Still one of my closest childhood friends. :)

We had dinner at Marche. It's been a while since I've been there...the food isn't as nice anymore. :C
Owh but the mushroom soup was fabulous!

Michele is someone we've just met recently...
She's Martin's colleague...and now his special person. hehehe.
So happy for them. 

Us! :D
Thank you for the dinner!  :)


On the eve of my birthday, Emerson's family dropped off a whole bunch of gifts for me. Renee says it's like those wedding hantaran (dowry) or something. hahaha. Thank you very much Tung family. :)

From everyone in Em's family! O_O

Received some gifts from Thong Kai as well. And custom Rilakkuma cupcakes! :)
Thank you!

Daryl took this video of me failing to blow out the candles. T^T

Doing what my mom asked me to do. :3

Compulsory photo. We take one every year. 

This year, we had planned to go visit my uncle and cousins in Penang and so happen we could only go on the weekend of my birthday. So on my birthday itself we drove up to Penang for a 4 day 3 night trip...that eventually became a 5 day trip instead. :)

Had lunch at KFC (the one at the bridge).

My uncle in his dental lab. :)
He receives orders from dentists around Penang island and creates amazing crowns and bridges for their patients.

With my cousin Ross.
This was at Northam Beach Cafe.
Pretty nice place to have dinner...until a storm threatened to blow us away. haha.

The next day we had satay for lunch with 3 other families (all distant relatives we haven't seen in years).
The place we had satay was called Ah'Basri, one of my uncles ordered lamb, ostrich, beef, tandoori chicken, deer, squid, and chicken. We had about 100 sticks of satay!

My uncle's apartment is less than 5 minutes walk from the beach. :)
Emo-ing at the beach.

Every night we had dinner together. :)
Scott's girlfriend Kriss and Ross' girlfriend Berry joined us as well.

This is aunty Lina's over pampered daughter.

During the day we would go visit relatives.
And the adults would go kaypoh and gossip...

While we kids have to entertain ourselves.

And every night after dinner Scott and Kriss would bring us out to hang out with their friends.
And owh boy did we hear a lot of interesting stories...hehe.

Btw, forgot to mention I got myself a Canon S90 to replace my dying Canon Ixus 750. :)

I got it just before leaving for Penang so I brought it a long to get used to using the camera.
My mom says "This camera is more complicated than your dslr."

We had to wait for our parents to get to the foodcourt for dinner...
So we played around in the car. xD
Ross is the king of posing quickly. I set the camera on timer and to snap 5 shots at a time.
There were more photos but I'll upload those to facebook. :)

Scott and Kriss bought a cake for grandma and me. :) Was a pleasant surprise.
My birthday was on Friday whilst grandma's chinese birthday is on Sunday.
And Scott's birthday was on Monday.

Birthday cake...the taller candle for grandma, the smaller one for me. :D

Hope you had a happy birthday popo! muaxxx! 

Chill out at TGIFridays @ Gurney.
Bottomless food and drinks ftw!

Dinner at Mizi Bistro (New World Park). The young fellas. :)

The older fellas. haha. :D

This was the dinner we had before leaving Penang the next day. And what an awesome dinner it was. :D
Cheap (dinner set is RM21.50) and the dinner set comes soup, drink, main course, and free flow of ice-cream *squeals*.


After getting back from Penang, I met up with the hooraygang at Sid's Pub Bangsar South. :)

Thank you Joshua for the awesome pictures!
And thank you everyone who came. :)

The hooray chicks  + Frank :)
♥ Love you girls long time! 

With Joshua! Who takes amazing pictures and shoots & directs amazing videos. :D

He recently did an amazing video for Sid's Pub as his final's the video. :)

Joyce wasn't feeling well that night. :C
Thank you for coming out babe. Love you lots! ♥♥♥

Gary! Haven't seen him for so long dy. haih. my "sleeping partner". haha.

teehee. Euveng, er, enjoying himself. :p
Thanks for buying me a drink that night!

My "birthday cake". Thank you Renee! 

Thank you Gary and Jone for the very cute perfume! :D

So that's how I celebrated my birthday. Surrounded by the people most important to me.
My family and friends. :)
Boyfriend wasn't around (he never gets to be around...) but he'll make up for it when he's back. hehe.

Thank you everyone who wished me on Facebook, twitter, through sms and phone calls(both locally and internationally). ♥

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. eh teruk la u Heidi... so many sleeping partners! :P

  2. sable: she mamang teruk wan T_T sigh.. i feel violated. LOL! hahaha.. :P

  3. die.. i forgot how the perfume look like =_= i know got the fluffy thing la.. the shape tak ingat dah >_<

  4. @Em :)

    @Sable: ahahahaha. dun la say liddat...shy shy. :P

    @Joyce: Thanks babe! :) talk to you soon k? wanna hear about what happened during your proposal defense.

    @Gary: hahahaha. owh the bottle has boobs. :P jk jk, it's a normal pear shaped bottle. with fluffy pink fluff on top. xD

  5. i actually tot u meant it till u say jk. hahahha.... abisla >_<

  6. Hey babe! Happy happy birthday!
    And lookin at u surrounded by so many close frens, & more so frm the ones since shows tht you 're a very nice & genuine person & ;)for yr frens stick to you over time...


  7. @Renee: <3

    @Rebecca: Sorry I saw your comment so late! I just learnt how to turn on the comment notification. noob betul. T_T Thank you very much! *hugs hugs*

  8. happy belated bday late jor...

    anyway..HEIDI!!! Are those RILAKKUMA'S head so kawaii nehh... <3 !!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. hahaha. Hi Amelia!!! :D

    Thank you. XD And yes, those are Rilakkuma cupcakes! hehe. :D


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