Apr 2, 2010

Such a poser!

I watched a video recently, explaining the history and evolution of the "Peace Sign".

I thought is was pretty interesting so I dug up some photos of me and my friends posing. hehe. So this entire post is gonna be filled with posers! :D

Trust me, it took forever to cut down the amount of photos to these few below.

I even omitted my entire camwhore folder. If I add photos from that folder, this post would take a few months to load completely. haha. xD

First up, of course, the infamous "Usagi-chan Peace" sign. (^_^)V

Followed by a variation of the peace sign, the "palm facing inwards peace sign".

And another variation...peace + wink.

And then you double the V sign.

1 person, 2 "V" signs...

2 persons, 2 "V" signs...

Triple V!

V sign + "5"

As you can see, these "Photographic Posing Accents" (as mentioned in the video.) are great when the pressure is on to do sampat poses.

There are tons of other stuff you can do with your hands...


...and your face...

Kissy face...

Surprised faces...

Even guys have their own macho poses...

and cute poses...

There are even animal poses...


Posing in groups is mad fun!

Whether it's a small group...

a big group...

Or a sampat group...


hehehe. :)

I know plenty of naysayers who think posing like this in photographs is such a "lala" thing to do and prefer to stand straight and look in front at the camera with a proper smile.

But I say, why not let lose and have some fun? Photos capture memories of moments you experience throughout your life. So why must all your photos be serious and formal?

Sure, I look silly or ugly in most of these photos...but hey, these photos never fail to put a smile on my face when I browse through them. :)

Will I keep posing? Of course! Until my kid says "Mom stop it, that's embarrassing." haha. :D

Hooraygang pose!
(couldn't get the right effect tho. ish.)

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. The video kind of reminded me of the Japanese Tradition videos. Lol.

  2. LOL i watch that vid b4~
    WongFu Productions~

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. nice post!
    omigawd, gary look so different from that picture! hahaha


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