Mar 5, 2010

Guess what...

High School Musical is now a Manga.


Looking at the teaser, the story takes off after the final game and after graduation.

Yes, it's in Japanese...

...but the characters retain their original names.


You can view the raw teaser here:

I screenshot and googled the above images so those are © Disney. :)

The artwork is drawn by Asabuki Mari, author/storyline by Disney.

I'm kinda curious as to how the story would pan hmm. I know there are scanlation groups that have already picked this series up. Go search if you wanna read it, I won't put up links here, wouldn't wanna get into any unnecessary trouble. haha.

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. somehow i find this disturbing .. hsm is so overrated le

  2. okay, so now Disney wants to move in manga world =_=

    i rather them not mixing with each other, like very weird la~

    troy in manga ok, but me no likey yucky gab~ >_<

    i go read real japan manga better! hahahaha

  3. @Jaz: agreed. :) they should just stop it while it was still good.

    @plue: seriously very weird. and they look like asians in mangas. haha. I prefer original Japanese manga bishies. Nowadays some korean manhwa also not bad. :D

  4. oh noes! korean manhwa? i ady died in the hands of korean dramas/ jp dramas/ anime/ mangas, now another 1?

    die lor. i got not enuff life to die. hahahaha. whatcha reading now?

  5. @Plue: hahaha. aiyoh. Me too lah. xD Korean manhwas I read for the art only...a lot are not properly translated or the expressions too exaggerated dy. Bride of the Water God has very very very nice artwork. But have to google it to see, cos mangafox and onemanga dun have. :P

  6. nuuuuuuu~ i stop reading manga for a while d, cuz i worry i get suck into it so deep i no need work/ blog :P

    but then i think i go google it lah. haha since u say artwork nice and i am a sucker for yummy pics!


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