Jan 29, 2010


So after our Korea trip, we made a short trip down to Singapore together with Jason and Aunty Su on New Year's Day. :) There were hardly any cars on the road cos most were still asleep after partying on New Year's eve. hahaha.

At a rest stop somewhere near Johor...I think. I'm bad with names of places. :P

Crossing the bridge. :)

Jason's uncle's place. Darn nice neighborhood. :)

Their pampered pooch.

We went to Jurong Point for lunch together with Uncle Kim's family. This was a shop called The Icing Room where you can decorate your own cakes.

I noticed they had macarons and got scolded for taking this picture. T_T I didn't buy any to try at the time...cos I didn't want to spoil my appetite before lunch. But I came back (to msia) and read online reviews saying their macarons taste horrible. I haven't tried macarons before so good thing I didn't try any at The Icing Room otherwise I might have a bad impression of macarons. :(

Lunch at Din Tai Fung was fabulous! :D They actually have a basket thingy next to your table for the ladies to put their handbags, of course we Malaysians would never use it. After experiencing numerous snatch-theft cases in Malaysia, we're too paranoid to leave our handbags anywhere other than on our lap & held tightly with one hand.

Very very yummy side dishes. :3

Cucumber wrapped in a layer of bacon. SO AWESOME. :D

Some sorta shrimp pancake. :)

Siew-Long-Pau! Very delicious. They even had some with yam fillings.

The beautiful night scene at Orchard Road looks horrible thanks to my camera. hahaha. Apa boleh buat...I was sitting in the back seat of a moving car trying to snap some shots. hahaha. Owh, there was a ang moh family that ran out to the streets during a red light and snapped a family photo. So cute!

Hainanese Chicken Rice for dinner. :D

Went shopping at Robinsons the next day.

I can't remember what this place is called...we had our lunch here and ordered two sampler sets.

So we had six smaller sized bowls of dishes to try. :) It was just 4 of us girls/ladies having lunch together so the portions were just right.

Outside on the street there was a street vendor selling ice-cream wrapped in roti. :D

First time trying. Mine was blueberry ice-cream.

Pretty yummy on a hot sunny day. :D

Next stop for more shopping was Takashimaya. :)

Super cool retro stuff!

So cute... :D

We joined the guys that night at Claymore Road for dinner.

Tony Roma's Pork Ribs! SO AWESOME CAN DIE.

We ordered all the different variety of pork ribs they had and shared. My fav are the original and the honey glazed ones. *drools*

Uncle Kim brought us to an apartment owned by his father in law...super high class...and has an underwater gym. :D First time seeing such a gym.

The view from the lounge. Dunno which floor of the apartment has a special lounge area for residents to hang out. It has a magnificent view of the new casino that is still under construction.

Another view from the lounge area.

Went to Forever 21 with my mom after attending Uncle Kim's church for Sunday worship. This is the one along Orchard Road...313 I think. It's 4 stories high!!! Each floor caters to a specific "look" and style.

We also dropped by Cotton On and Uniqlo.

Had our lunch at the Food Republic.

Go to Singapore...makan Thai food. hahaha.

Perfume I bought that was 70% off. Totally worth buying. :D

Some adorable stationary from Takashimaya.

Bought some stickers from Takashimaya that I'm now using in the Jetoy diary I bought from Korea. :D *hearts*

It was a pretty short trip to Singapore...didn't get to do much sight-seeing but it's okay. Was glad I even got to go see what Singapore is like. haha. The last time I went there...I belum masuk primary school lagi. Lol. Was very thankful that Jason's Uncle's family was so gracious to us and so hospitable. They even went to the trouble of bringing us around to shop and makan. :)

Singapore is so super clean...and has so much greenery. Hopefully we'll get to make another trip down sometime this year. hehe. Must save money first. :D

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. msia tony romas no pork ribs rite??? wat a waste wei !!! ME LOVE PORK!!! T_T the pork ribs looks... very.... temp....ting.... how could u T_T !!! oh got curry mee!! me love curry meeeeeee....!!! did u eat that?? i tot u dont eat spicy...

    aih... i wanna go back singapore also... wanna visit my relative... argh

  2. Facing the marina bay.. yeah its definitely super duper high class :D
    Contact me if you're visiting again k ;)

  3. omo. it must have been like super duper long time since i last saw u cuz i still remember u with curly/wavy hair! haha!

    how have you been?

  4. @Thong Kai: yalor. only Singapore's Tony Roma's have pork ribs. it's super duper yummy. :)

    @Chan: haha. I will! :D

    @Plue: yalor. it's been a long long time. :P I've been good, thanks. :D I'm still stalking your beauty blog. hahaha. So tempted to get the Etude House Aloe moisturizer. :P


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