Jan 29, 2010


So after our Korea trip, we made a short trip down to Singapore together with Jason and Aunty Su on New Year's Day. :) There were hardly any cars on the road cos most were still asleep after partying on New Year's eve. hahaha.

At a rest stop somewhere near Johor...I think. I'm bad with names of places. :P

Jan 9, 2010

Xmas in Korea

After many nights of deliberating (yeah right) , I have decided to split up the photos from my Korea trip. haha. We took over 800 photos but I'm just putting up about 150 photos here and about 190 photos on my Facebook. :) My facebook has the photos with our faces in it + all the camwhore photos etc. The photos here are all either food related, shopping related or scenic views of Korea during winter.

p/s. Sorry if this post kills your internet connection. haha. It kills mine too. orz


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