Dec 20, 2009

kennot wait!

If this looks familiar, I referenced it from the scene where Curly leaps towards Natsume at the Special Abilities' RPG booth. I love Tachibana sensei's method for drawing funny expressions. If you dunno what I'm talking about then this won't be familiar to you. :d

Totally can't wait for our trip to Korea.

This is the first time I'm traveling across the ocean. :D
The furthest place I've been to is I'm super excited!

Sure sure, paying for the trip has burnt a hole in my wallet but I've been saving up just to go traveling... so I don't care's gonna be an amazing trip. I just know it! :D

I mean, it's KOREA.

Home of the F4 hotties. *swoon*

Home of "Sorry sorry sorry sorry, naega naega naega munjuh..."

Home of "Gee gee gee gee, baby baby baby..."

Home of "Again and again and again and again..."

Home of "KBS World" where we watch all the Kdramas and programs like Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies, 2Days1Night, Music Bank, Star Golden Bell Challenge etc etc. (In my home, the KBS World channel on Astro is the channel we tune into 80% of the time. It's Channel 303 btw. :D)


I'm gonna experience winter for the very first time. :D

Even though I'll prolly be suffering from rheumatism thanks to the cold weather, I have my rheumatism pills and tons of warm clothing to make sure it doesn't spoil the trip. :)

I'm actually dreading coming back from Korea...
cos that's when I'll be swamped with work.

But I dun wanna think about it, I just wanna enjoy my hard earned holiday. :)

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. hi... have a nice trip..
    when exactly ur leaving ?

  2. buy lotsa lotsa prettty accessories and cosmetic products backkkkk :D

  3. Have a blast, Heidi!
    Bring back some Korean girls ya. *shhh* :p
    And Have a Blessed Christmas to you too! :)

    PS. There's rheumatism pills???
    PPS. When are you coming back btw. Happy New Year if you're staying there till New Year. XD

  4. i tot f4 was from taiwan?0_o..or isit another f4 ur talking about?

  5. @Chen Kai: Leaving on the 24th. :)

    @Yun Yi: hahaha. I want to...but I heard it's not cheap..the stuff there... :( Anywhere in Seoul you can recommend for shopping?

    @Sable: Thanks! :D Hahaha...I try k? *wink* Blessed Christmas. :) Yeah, I didn't know about it till Em got some for me. :D I'll be back on New Year's eve. :)

    @SueJane: OHOHOHOHO. The korean F4 (Boys Over Flowers)! In my opinion, by far the most good looking F4 (compared to Taiwan and Jap versions). hehe. :D

  6. omg! ur going to korea! so fun! go say hello to hyun joong for me! haha! and yong hwa oppa too if you watch You're Beautiful! :D :D :D

    have fun doll!

  7. weeeeeeeeeeee! have a greattt time! kimchi n seaweed! wooooosh!

  8. Me wan present!! :p hehe jk la.. Enjoy ur trip!! Tapao some korean snow and air back k lol

  9. @Plue: hahahaha! I will! xD thanks! :)

    @Renee: Teehee, thanks! :D Thinking of the BBQ meat is making me drool... :D

    @tk: lol. I see you're enjoying your trip to UK as well. :)

  10. hello, nice blog u have.
    U're going to Korea? I did went there once and i miss there so much now. A nice place muz go ! hehe.
    Enjoy kimchi~! :D

  11. Have a great time in Korea babe :)

    I'll be off to Singapore.. hehe

  12. @Wen Jing: Yup! haha. Thanks! Yeah, I just hope the weather isn't too cold. >_< hehe. :)

    @Tha: Thanks babe! Wah! Syok! :) Enjoy your trip to Singapore!!! :D *huggles*

  13. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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