Dec 20, 2009

kennot wait!

If this looks familiar, I referenced it from the scene where Curly leaps towards Natsume at the Special Abilities' RPG booth. I love Tachibana sensei's method for drawing funny expressions. If you dunno what I'm talking about then this won't be familiar to you. :d

Totally can't wait for our trip to Korea.

This is the first time I'm traveling across the ocean. :D
The furthest place I've been to is I'm super excited!

Sure sure, paying for the trip has burnt a hole in my wallet but I've been saving up just to go traveling... so I don't care's gonna be an amazing trip. I just know it! :D

I mean, it's KOREA.

Home of the F4 hotties. *swoon*

Home of "Sorry sorry sorry sorry, naega naega naega munjuh..."

Home of "Gee gee gee gee, baby baby baby..."

Home of "Again and again and again and again..."

Home of "KBS World" where we watch all the Kdramas and programs like Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies, 2Days1Night, Music Bank, Star Golden Bell Challenge etc etc. (In my home, the KBS World channel on Astro is the channel we tune into 80% of the time. It's Channel 303 btw. :D)


I'm gonna experience winter for the very first time. :D

Even though I'll prolly be suffering from rheumatism thanks to the cold weather, I have my rheumatism pills and tons of warm clothing to make sure it doesn't spoil the trip. :)

I'm actually dreading coming back from Korea...
cos that's when I'll be swamped with work.

But I dun wanna think about it, I just wanna enjoy my hard earned holiday. :)

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hugs n Kisses,

Dec 9, 2009


So...I just got back from a special screening of Zombieland at Cathy Cineplex, organized by Advertlets. Thong Kai invited me and I got to meet some of his friends: Emily, Chih Wei,Evo (thank you for the tidbits from Japan!) and Selena. Bumped into Victor (Voch) after we collected our tickets, was really nice catching up with him. Leonard was there with a friend...Owh and I got to meet the boss of Adverlets, Mr. Josh Lim himself. :D

Honestly I had never heard of this movie till Thong Kai invited me for the screening. The only thing I knew was that it was a movie about zombies and it was supposed to be funny.

*thanks for the photos Eu Veng!*

Having been addicted to the popcap game Zombie Vs. Plants, I thought that I'd prolly just think zombies are cute in a disgusting way and won't be freaked out by the show OR I'd just imagine pea shooters popping up to kill them. BOY WAS I WRONG.

Utterly grotesque, "Resident Evil"-like, constantly regurgitating blood and with the ability to pop up from anywhere to chase you down...I think I winced at the sight of every zombie that appeared. It's a very interesting feeling to want to laugh and cry at the same time. The comic relief characters with their cleverly written lines got everyone laughing hysterically, not to mention there were plenty of clever play with words and hilarious scenes. The other half of the movie,saw me holding my breath as the main characters battle it out with the zombies. [insert lots of gunshots and blood splats] I don't know about the rest but the scariest part of the movie...was the clown. *sobs* Goodness, dah-lah I have a fear of clowns, they had to go and turn it into a zombie. T_T I skipped that part cos I kept my eyes closed shut. Unfortunately I did catch a glimpse of him, which brought back a flood of memories of the other horror flick..."It". *shudder*

I went in with absolutely no expectations, absolutely no idea what the show was about, and I walked away thinking "That was a pretty awesome movie." :) I have to admit though, I was holding my bladder in throughout the movie...well, cos "Rule #2: Beware of Bathrooms". So yeah...die die also I had to hold it in till I got home...where it's safer...I think. *peers into the toilet outside my room*

All in all, this is definitely a must watch movie! :)

Now to pray really hard that I don't need to try outrunning zombies in my sleep. Maybe I'll go have a little sweet snack before bed...a twinkie know, cos "Rule #32: Enjoy the Little Things".

heh heh. owh well, goodnight!

*fingers crossed*

Hugs n Kisses,


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