Nov 4, 2009

31 Oct 09

MI Class of 09 - Adorable Mini Gathering!
haha. :3

Was so lovely meeting up with faces I haven't seen in such a long time. Listening to everyone's drama at their workplaces makes me feel envious and relieved all at the same time. hahahaha. Because there were only 5 of us who made it, we managed to have a night filled with laughter, sampatness and really got to catch up with one another. :) Thank you Mia for taking the time and effort to organize this, I had so much fun! Don't be discouraged by the turn out, next time we'll get more to come! ;) *hugs*

Halloween Party @ MOS

Was such a last minute thing, Justin called me up the day before to see if I could join them...I have to admit I didn't know what MOS was until Justin told me. haha. So ngam I was gonna be in Sunway for the MI dinner so I agreed to join. Which also sent both me and Justin on a last minute rush to get our costumes ready. LOL. Poor Chammy also had to prepare everything so last minute. @_@ I was wondering if I should save money and use my devil horns again...until I saw the cat set at Balloon Bouquet Section 14 which would only cost me RM12. hehe. Hard for me to prepare also lah cos I was going for dinner first. Takan nak pakai siap siap costume semua during dinner? :P

As Mia says, there must always be a compulsory camwhore picture taken before going for any event. hahaha.

I think the event was a blast because everyone really took an effort to dress up and be in character that night. :) I never knew that MOS was a non-smoking club, which was a total plus because I seriously can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke (no offense to smokers) and I always hate it when it makes your hair and clothes smell so awful. Doesn't help that it makes me cough like crazy too. :( The cover charge was expensive tho... are all clubs the same? RM50 + 1 complimentary drink. After that we ordered a huge jug of orange juice for RM23. Overall it was a nice experience and we had fun spotting all the weird and amazing costumes.

On the way out, some nice ladies gave us girls each a Ladies VIP Card. :) So nice of them, but I wonder if I'll ever put it to good use. haha. :P

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. heyss. i thought i saw someone in the skull mask arnd cyberia. dunno if its same guy tho. :p

    and what's MOS? Metal Oxide Semiconductor? thats the only MOS i know... :p

  2. cute!! :P the club sounds so fun!!

    yeah..won't be discouraged by the turn-out. will have more in the future :) u organize la..sure ppl come one! hahaha!!

    and cam whore pic is A MUSTTT!! :)

  3. @Sable: hahahahahhahaa. MOS - Ministry of Sound. ;) At first it sounded like some church ministry thingy. :P

    @Mia: hahaha. We must get someone from another gang to organize. :P Like Cher Chyi. hehehehe. then more ppl will come! :D

  4. Owhh. I just saw the logo on the Card.
    Stupid me.. *facepalm*
    sounds so yeng leh. :p


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