Sep 18, 2009

tiny lil kitten

Picked up this lil kitten from my back alley. She fell into the drain once, we picked her up, cleaned her and tried to give her back to her mom but her mom didn't care and she fell into the drain again. Watching her struggle to walk and the drop into the drain with a loud 'thud' was one of the most disturbing and scariest thing to watch. :( Plus it was starting to rain and when it rains heavily, the drains flood up.

So mom and I decided we'll take care of her till she's strong enough to rejoin her siblings again.

She sleeps in a make shift box for now. We feed her kitten milk every few hours then she'll doze off to sleep. She's hugging a self-heating gel pad that we wrapped with cloth at first and then paper towels cos sometimes she pees on it. She's got a bit of an eye infection so mom applied some eye ointment for her that we got from the vet.

She made it through the night so we're hoping she'll survive and get stronger. :)

OHAI. I can haz hugs?

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. miao... cute kitten...
    some how i like cats when they are small hahahhaha... when grow already dont look cute liao...

    dog or cats live longer?

  2. omg she so cute.. so kesian the mom don't care about her. :(

    like i said, a lot of kittens are lucky they end up at your house. if she didn't fall into your drain i wonder what'll happen to her...

  3. Sweet.. so thoughtful of you :)

  4. Pray that she is healthy now...
    i love cats with blue eyes!

  5. you're such a kind soul :)

  6. kai: I think dogs live longer. Not too sure... :/

    Em: mom and I are wondering if the mother cats purposely let their kittens drop into the drain behind our house. -_-;

    Chan: Thanks, can't help it...both my mom and I love animals. :)

    Yisin: Thanks dear! I hope so too, cos she seems very weak. :(

    sable: Thanks Kenny, but I believe if you were in my position, you would save the kitten too. ;) hehe.

  7. Oh, you kind, like angel! I adour ju!

  8. @botakai
    For the longevity question, remember that google is your best friend, not ah ju.


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