Sep 30, 2009


Sigh. Me and my handbag obsession.

How many handbags do I have?
Not enough. D:

My current fav fav fav shop for very gorgeous shoes and nice handbags!
Not that I can afford their shoes...RM100-300 per pair...cheapest also RM75 I think... T_T
But so very very nice.

Fell in love with this bag the moment I laid eyes on it.
Kenot tahan. Had to splurge. T_T
But I've been looking for a more formal, work-ish bag and this fits the bill.
Best of all I can fit my sketchbooks in it! :D
And A4 files! :D
And it's so super soft and nice to carry. :3
(trying to justify my splurge. hehe.)

I *heart* the animal prints inside. *heart heart heart*

They have a lot of very nice handbags at the shop in Midvalley.
But most were too big or bulky. :(

So this one was perfect. hehe. :3

Now to start saving up again. huhu.

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. haha! finally you got a bag with animal print, and a working bag too. Killing two birds with one stone! :D

  2. oooh! charles & keith! i not yet step foot inside. i need go hunting for working bag. i hate my old one d :P

    the bag's pretty, but me no likey animal prints :( not even the inside~

  3. There goes the oven.. haha

  4. nice one there babe! and its okay to splurge once in a while! take it as a gift to yourself after working hard on $$ ahem ahem :) 6am emails. hahahaha hugs!

  5. @Em: yuppers! :D

    @plue: haha. it's pretty nice! most of the handbags there are for working ladies. ;)

    @chan: yeah...sob. T_T

    @Elyn: haha. thanks thanks! :D

    @Kaelynn: Thanks babe! hahaha. yeah wei...6am emails. T_T goodness! hehe. hope work is treating you well! ;)

  6. hohhhhhh!!RM100-300 bucks??? that expensive in Msia???it's just a Vincci standard in Spore!damn currency exchange & hiked up prices btw, hola Heidi! :D


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