Sep 29, 2009

om nom nom!

Had a craving for Carbonara yesterday so today I whipped some up for lunch. :D

It's really really simple to make. :3

Here's my recipe (I pretty much just winged it. haha.) :

Make enough for 4 servings. :)

A Tbsp of butter (sendiri just agak-agak/ estimate it yourself)
A bit of diced garlic for frying
Sausages (chopped)
Bacon bits/ Bacon strips/ Ham/ Chicken (up to you)
Mushroom also if you like

600ml heavy cream
3 Tbsp Parmesan cheese
4 egg yolks

Spaghetti or any pasta you like

There are many ways you can prepare this...but this is my way...

1. Boil some water and cook your pasta till al dente.
2. Heat up butter (I use this instead of oil so that it smells awesome) and fry diced garlic till almost golden brown.
3. Fry bacon/sausages/chicken or whatever you need to fry.
4. Remove the pan from the heat and add in the cream and cheese.
5. Cook on low heat and let the cheese melt and mix into the cream.
6. Remove from heat again and pour in the egg yolks.
7. Cook on low heat and allow it to boil a bit while you stir. (the creamy mixture will eventually start to thicken up)
8. Once you have your desired thickness, turn off the heat and add in the cooked pasta.
9. Mix well and serve! :D

I did not use salt at all because my bacon and my sausages were already salty enough.
And the Parmesan Cheese was kinda salty too.
Always taste test the cream first before mixing in the pasta at the final step!
The longer you leave it to boil...the thicker the cream...the more jelak you'll feel. haha.
I always get paranoid that the heat from the cream will overcook the eggs so what I do is I will take a Tbsp of hot cream from the pan and add it to the eggs in a separate bowl, slowly adding more and helping the eggs adjust to the temperature before I pour the egg yolks into the pan.

So yeah, basically that's about it. :)

And I've successfully satisfied my cravings for the months. :D

That's the problem with creamy pasta. T_T

I wanna start baking again but my oven went kaput a long time ago. sigh.

Brand new Delonghi oven would cost me RM1000++

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. look so yummy TT___TT i waaant... sob.

  3. @zefi: HAH! I saw your comment before you removed it. hehe. :P and yes...was a bit too free. lol. xD

    @Em: cook some yourself! :P

  4. the only pasta I cook right now is the bolognese one. cause it's much faster. :/

    i'm gonna make you cook this for me when i go back.


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