Sep 23, 2009

Left my heart in Bangkok

I want to go back to Bangkok...

Land of the pink taxis...

Where car number plates have background images...

Where everything is so cute...

and buy Happy Sim cards that make me sad...(long story)

and experience new things...

while finding old familiar things... (mmu logo tiles in Bangkok. LOL!)

eat my fav fav fav sticky rice with mango...

and stare at their awesome cakes...

and cupcakes...

I'd love to have an Alice in Wonderland themed cake someday...

but most of all I wanna go shopping at Platinum Mall!!!

Mana mau cari duit untuk pergi leh?


Hugs n Kisses,


  1. Don't bluff. I know you miss Thailand because of two things only:
    1. Pork burger (Ronald for the first pic was a dead giveaway)
    2. Fried cockroaches on stick.

    And to get more money for your above-mentioned obsession, there are two ways:
    1. Expand your dream shop, or
    2. Frenchfries it, or
    3. Sell fried roaches on stick

  2. LOL... mmu logo in thailand? another campus there? XD

  3. zefi: did you know the Ronald pic was hinting at my pork burger cravings?!?!? O_O Fried roaches? Er.... EEWWWWWW! I didn't see that when i was in Bangkok! @_@ and thanks for the, em, very helpful money making suggestions. =_=;

    Reimy: hahaha. I saw these outside a temple!!! xD looks like MMU logo right? hehehe.

    Michelle: OWH yes yes. I went to Siam awesome but I missed out on chattuchak. T_T OWH and Bkk has RM10 foot massages that are so awesome after a day of shopping. :D

  4. heya,
    the MMU logo tiles can be found in a lot of other places. i went to cambodia, and i saw it there. I think in vietnam also saw it there. I got a feeling that MMU went there and took the designs:P so much for being original:P hehe

  5. Brim over I to but I dream the brief should prepare more info then it has.


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