Sep 26, 2009


So now that I have a blog, a twitter account and facebook...

Which do I update and when?

Cos FB status is kinda like a tweet.

And tweets are suppose to be micro blogs.

But micro blogs are similar to blogs only blogs have longer entries.

But you use all of them to update friends on what's going on.


Too much social networking?


Hugs n Kisses,


  1. please update your blog.. I dont have your fb account :D

  2. if i not mistaken u can update ur twitter status snyc to ur facebook. i dont know how, but i have to ask renee on that. u ask her la she is like the pro sifu in this 3 thing.

  3. i was wondering why did you get a twitter? >_>

  4. Chan: Okay, I blog more for you. hehehehehe. :D

    botakai: Renee is the social networking queen. xD

    Em: To follow friends who are more active on Twitter. Why did YOU get twitter?

  5. oh yes that crazy girl... lol...
    eh u always hand draw all these picture?? or computer??

    im such a fail blogger T_T cant really provide much picture and visual lol

  6. botakai: depends. but I have a tablet so when i draw directly into the computer it's easier.

    michelle: haha. how did you deal with it?


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