Sep 20, 2009

And then there were 2

The first kitten we rescued punya sibling (guessing cos they look alike) fell into the drain yesterday(sat) and he/she was just as wobbly as the first now there are two of them. -_-;

Actually we're not sure of their genders since they're still really young. So we'll just assume that the first kitten is female and the second one is male...though I think both are males. :d

He's the more alert one, but he has diarrhea...but it's been gradually improving. The first kitten still seems to be really weak...refusing to eat and just sleeps all day.

The new kitten is fluffier than the first kitten. And has a head that is too big for its body. lol. And he's a stoner...he would sit in this position, with his head facing downwards and just stone for a few minutes. hahaha. Super cute.

So now mom and I are busy babysitting these two fellas. haih.

On the other hand, am hoping my Malay/Muslim friends are having a fabulous Raya. :)

Hugs n Kisses,


  1. wah another 1... cute.. so next time i not around u can help me baby sit my dog also liao la :P hahahahha xD... then soon u can open a center for stray animals, then that time remember call me ! hahahah

    but malaysia no conpound for lost stray cats dogs? a pound or something... sometimes i feel so kolian to see these animals wondering at the streets.. ;/

  2. the fluffy one sooo cute! XD and the fact that he's a stoner makes him so much more adorable <3


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